ACTIVEWORKS visualisation systems form the technological core of Virtalis’ advanced visualisation installations and stereoscopic 3D displays.

The ActiveWorks portfolio of immersive display systems are flexible and scalable and can be configured and specified to meet your needs, based on what you want to visualise, the space available and the numbers of users involved. Our in-depth knowledge of many industry sectors, together with our unparalleled visualisation experience and development resources, will allow you to access the most advanced technologies.

Virtalis’ independence, creativity and breadth of intellectual property means we are in a unique position to advise you in the use and application of advanced visualisation. Our reputation is based on our numerous, successful installations and reference sites worldwide. Whether it is a desktop solution, a portable visualisation system or a fully immersive, PC-clustered, multi-channel stereoscopic 3D display system, Virtalis has successfully designed, installed and supported them all.

Virtalis software and services give access to underlying CAD and other data sources, as well as bring subtlety to models and animation. The virtual environments created are immersive and interactive in real-time, adding a new dimension to collaborative design reviews, manufacturing rehearsals, marketing campaigns and training exercises.
Virtalis offers a comprehensive post sale support service.

We offer a range of warranties and also keep you up to date with the technology by providing product upgrades.