Visionary Render software allows users to access and experience a real-time, interactive and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environment created from huge 3D datasets.

Users can work alone, in small groups, or collaborate with distant colleagues in a common virtual environment to perform detailed design reviews, rehearse in-depth training tasks, validate maintenance procedures or verify assembly and manufacturing processes.

No other software can do what Visionary Render can. It has been designed solely with the 3D environment in mind by our world-famous development team. In further developing our ground-breaking VR software, Virtalis is grateful to its beta testers: Raytheon, AMRC, Vestas, Rolls-Royce and BAE.

Visionary Render delivers advanced rendering of huge models in real-time with ease of importing from a range of data sources, maintaining naming, hierarchies and the all-important metadata. Not only that, but CAD is visualised on immersive human-scale, via collaborative VR display systems, such as the Virtalis ActiveWorks portfolio.

In this way, Visionary Render enhances working practices and builds on investments already made in digital design assets and people.


Interactive and immersive capability enhances understanding
Unique 3D semi-transparent User Interface reinforces the 3D
Plug-and-play interface for the new generation of consumer HMDs
Handle and manage huge and complex CAD data sources seamlessly
Collaborate in a single VR environment – Globally
Cluster aware for increased performance
Collision detection for the entire model enhances realism and improves understanding

“We’ve put all our Virtual Reality know-how into Visionary Render. It’s a system that can cope with the most complex data and render it in 3D stereo, then adds tracking for human-in-the-loop immersion and networking for interactive, multi-disciplinary design reviews or training exercises.”
Andrew Connell, technical director, Virtalis.