The software options range from model creation tools to virtual world creators.

We use these software packages ourselves and each has a “champion” within Virtalis who can both extol its virtues and explain its limitations. Our team can advise you on the best software or combination of software for your purposes. In many instances, we can also provide some evaluation software.

Our software team is both unique and unrivalled in the world and has created many VR software applications, both standalone and which add value to COTS packages.

Our own powerful immersive 3D VR software Visionary Render has been designed by our experienced team as a tool solely with the 3D environment in mind. It enables CAD users to easily transfer source data from multiple CAD packages into an immersive 3D visualisation experience. Similarly Visionary Render’s sibling VR software VR4CAD speedily transforms CAD models into full 3D VR and can save viewpoints, annotations and snapshots. Billed as the Gateway to Pro VR, VR4CAD is out-of-the-box VR software. It works with an impressive list of CAD packages and is an affordable option for CAD users looking to dip their toes into the world of Virtual Reality.

Educational institutions benefit from discount pricing. Please contact us for more information